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PA Systems


The term “public address” refers to the ability to project sound to a large number of people at a volume greater than that which can be achieved by talking or playing an acoustic instrument. Your first thought of PA speakers may be those used at concerts or sports stadiums, but there are so many more uses for them that you may need to purchase one yourself one day.


There are numerous factors to consider while determining the appropriate use of a PA system. A busker, for example, requires a speaker that is light and portable, whereas a venue owner needs far more power. However, the speaker isn’t the only piece of equipment you’ll need. A microphone must catch the sound you want people to hear before it is processed by a mixer and amplified. Determine what you’ll be using the PA for, where you’ll be using it, the size of the audience, and your budget. Taking all these characteristics into consideration, you must get to a decision. Being one of the leading suppliers of public address systems in Dubai, we are your best choice.


At 180 Technologies, we have well-equipped PA systems that can go with all kinds of functions and environments. Our team of acoustic experts have in-depth knowledge about the advancements in sound technology and can assist and recommend you the right PA systems to be used in your desired areas. We have immense experience in providing our services to various esteemed companies in Dubai belonging to almost all industries.


Our expert technicians are equipped with all kinds of circuit knowledge that even many ELV companies in Dubai do not possess. They ensure quick and safe installation of the best of our services. We give importance to client satisfaction more than anything else, and it has made us the favorites for all PA system seekers in Dubai.

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