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Lighting Control

Lighting is no longer merely a home need. It's an aesthetic that gives your families the best movie-watching experience, builds a lively ambience for a group of guests, brightens up the holiday season, and even sets the perfect tone for a date night. Make your home or office enlighted with the best Lighting control system providers in UAE.

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Home Entertainment System

We appreciate how valuable family time is, and we want to make this special time as enjoyable as possible for you. From the comfort of your sofa, you can create a cinematic experience with our home entertainment system. We are one of the best home theatre system providers in UAE who provides home theatre systems based on BlueTooth and other methods.

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Smart Climate Control System

Whether it be your office or your residence, you cannot have a peaceful and relaxing time without proper climate control systems. And if these systems are so smart that their control ends at your fingertips, So make your favourite premises climate controlled with the support of the best climate control system provider in UAE.

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Smart Home Automation

Your lights turn on when you get close, your coffee starts preparing itself in the morning, and your security system disarms when you get close to getting home. This is exactly what home automation accomplishes. You can enjoy these services from the Top Home Automation company in Dubai. These functions are not only handy, but they also save us space and money on our utility bills. With what we have achieved through technology and AI, a smart home is what defines the future of mankind. It offers you a variety of smart home technology in UAE with advanced features to simplify your living.

We can assure 180 Technologies is one of the best home automation companies in UAE, we provide quality-assured services to ensure that you have the most modern smart homes in Dubai, UAE. Our automation technology guides your lighting, appliances, security systems, curtain control, thermostat, home cinema, and many other devices to the futuristic path of smart functioning. You can easily control and analyze all these features with a single touch on your smartphone or tablet. Being one of the leading ELV companies in UAE, we provide a more intelligent and energy-efficient infrastructure for buildings. However, since the smart home in UAE is a newly emerging one, some people can find it intimidating our smart house entertainment arrangement in UAE with our Home automation system in UAE. We Can provide the best home theatre system in the UAE with a breathtaking home theatre experience based on Bluetooth and other methods.

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Monitoring refers to the ability for users to check in on their devices remotely with an app. Someone might, for example, watch their live feed from a smart security camera.



Control refers to the user's ability to use these machines remotely, such as planning a surveillance camera to view more of a living room.



Finally, automation entails programming systems to communicate with one another, such as making a smart siren sound if an armed surveillance camera senses motion.


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Remote access

The ability to monitor equipment remotely allows you to do activities like opening the door, switching on the fan, playing music, open the window curtain for a plant sitter without leaving a key under the floor.

Energy efficiency

You may use home control to put items like thermostats on a routine to avoid wasting electricity. Nest thermostats, in particular, were found to save around 12% on heating and cooling costs.


Do you know how you get all snuggled up in bed and then remember you forgot to turn off the bathroom light? Smart home solutions in UAE help you to switch off smart light


Being able to monitor devices remotely or with voice commands, plan them, and even coordinate them with the sunrise and sunset is a dream come true. Imagine coming down to freshly baked toast without having to press a button in the morning!


Finally, there are many smart security devices that can improve the security of your houses, such as door and window sensors, security cameras that can track pedestrians, and video doorbells that help you welcome visitors from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Security Systems

Our cutting-edge security systems include CCTV, which can be programmed to monitor when motion is detected and accessed from anywhere in the world through our SMART devices, which can be accessed via your home display screens or through an internet connection. Being one of the most trusted home automation companies in Dubai, we ensure the complete security of your wealth as well. 24×7 cameras and detectors are assigned and installed in a limited amount of time at a low cost.

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Access Control Systems

Remote management, digital zooming, and the freedom to transfer photographs and video over the internet are just a couple of the many benefits of working with 180 Technologies. Both residential and industrial customers will benefit from our services. Progressive scanning is available on our systems, resulting in higher-quality images that can be retrieved from video. This is particularly important for moving objects, as it allows for different frame rates and resolutions to suit different requirements.

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Home Automation Solutions

Today, it's more about communication. The majority of modern correspondence is wireless. About everything can be found on the internet. However, the rivalry is fierce. With all knowledge at our hands, people are more knowledgeable and selective than ever before.

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