How To Ensure Security in a Smart Home?

How To Ensure Security in a Smart Home?

by 180Technologies

With the rapid advancements taking place around technology, home automation has become a need for the future. Smart home facilities ensure the smooth and easy functioning of all your household devices with a single touch or a voice command, even if you are away from your home. But apart from making lives easy, improving the security standards has also been a major factor in home automation. Many smart devices play their part in ensuring that your residence is safe from all kinds of danger. Let us have a look at some of them.

Smart Cameras

Video surveillance systems prove to be the third eye for you to look after your residence. Placing security cameras both indoors and outdoors will let you know when any kind of suspicious movements happen. Smart video surveillance systems can be integrated with your smartphones so that you can monitor your home even if you are someplace else. They can also be connected to security alarms or other systems so that you can get notified when someone tampers with the CCTV cameras.

Smart Door Locks

The traditional lock and key mechanism is no longer an option with smart door locks getting more popular. Door locks assisted with smart access control systems ensure premium security to your front door. The security measures include numerical passcodes, fingerprint sensors, face recognition software, etc. Further, a smart door lock can be controlled by your smartphone so that you can unlock it to let in a guest or family by simply sitting on the sofa. Smart door locks are also used in huge business enterprises to secure the storage of important data and other aspects. You may connect with reliable home automation companies in Dubai to know more about the different security features.

Smart Thermostats

We often make many mistakes in our homes. While leaving for work, we may forget to turn off the thermostat. In the evening, we return home to see that it was working the whole day and heating or cooling up the place beyond our limit. This can often become a safety hazard, especially in cases when you have children or old people who don’t know how to adjust it. Smart thermostats can be integrated into your smartphones so that you can turn them on or off remotely. You can also set up a default command to completely turn it off for once.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting control systems provide you with the right ambiance for any occasion. Apart from this, lighting control can make your home feel occupied even if you are away for a few days. Smart lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at regular intervals so that potential intruders or burglars will back of feeling that there are people inside.

Smart Motion and Window Sensors

Motions sensors can alert you in your smartphone when they sense any kind of motion inside your home. When you are away, the motion sensors in restricted places like the home office can notify you if your kids enter them. Window and glass break sensors can inform you of any break-in attempt that led to the tampering of a window.

Apart from all these, all these devices and features can be connected to a smart central alarm that rings at the time of any security alert. With an interconnected security system in place, you can be fully confident about home safety.

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