What are the Benefits of Smart Switches?

What are the Benefits of Smart Switches?

by 180Technologies

Home automation has surely become the technology of the present and also for the future. With a wide variety of smart devices getting ready in the market, automation companies are coming up with more and more exciting home automation features that provide various benefits ranging from convenience and efficiency to ultimate security. Smart switches are one of the smart home developments that have been an important addition to the bucket list.

Smart switches are specially designed switches that can be controlled from your smartphone with dedicated apps and also through voice commands through Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. Smart switches are one of the most beneficial additions to the field of home automation, with a lot of advantages to be celebrated. In this article, we will have a look at these benefits that make smart switches important for every smart home.


When you are back home after a long and tiring day at work, turning on all the switches is the last thing you want to do. With smart switches, you can control your home lights, fans, AC, etc, with your smartphone or through pre-programmed voice commands. This way, you will be able to switch on the coffee machine right from your bed, turn on the TV or entertainment system while relaxing on your recliner, and much more! You can also schedule them to switch on or off at specific times of the day for appliances like AC, scent diffusers, exterior lights, etc so that it doesn’t matter even if you forget it. Smart switches can also be set to work for different ambient situations. For example, smart light switches can be designed to gradually increase the brightness and intensity of lighting in the morning and have a dimming effect at night. Special lights can also be connected to smart switches to be used for special occasions like parties, movie-time, etc.

Easy Control

The problem with normal switches is that they are too normal that we don’t even switch them one for our needs while being lazy to get up. But smart switches enable better control even if you are not home. You can switch on your home AC on your way home in the evening so that the interiors are set to the perfect temperatures when you arrive home. If you have children or elderly people at your home, you can help them anytime by turning on the appliances they need. Smart switches also come with motion-sensing technology which will sense the movement or occupancy in a room and turn the lights on or off accordingly. This is of great advantage if you forget to turn off some switches while going out. The integration with other smart features and devices improves the efficiency and advantage of smart switches. Anyway, you should contact the most reliable suppliers of smart devices in Dubai to make sure that your smart switches are of the best quality.

Enhanced Security

Smart switches improve the security in your home in many ways. Smart switches connected to home lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at specific intervals so that your house will seem occupied even if you are not home. This will keep the potential intruders away and improve safety. With smart switches, you will not have to look for the switches in the dark in the middle of the night. You can switch on the lights right from your bed and go safely to the kitchen or elsewhere. Further, smart light switches can be connected to security alarms so that the lights are turned on whenever the security alarm goes off. This will make sure that you have a clear vision in your house in case of emergencies. Smart switches can also be integrated with temperature or heat sensors so that connected appliances can be automatically switched off if they are heated due to overuse or any other factors.

Better Energy Efficiency and Reduced Electricity Bills

Energy efficiency and cost-effective living are one of the main reasons why people try to implement home automation features. Very often you may forget to turn off the lights before going out and then return home to see that the lights were on the whole day. The same is the case with other appliances like AC, TV, fans, electric diffusers, etc. But smart switches can be controlled from anywhere, making it easy to turn off unwanted appliances quickly. Smart light switches also come with motion sensors that will detect the movement or occupancy in a room and turn off the lights automatically if the room is left unoccupied for a considerable amount of time. This way, unwanted lights will be turned off even if you are not aware of them. Smart switches can also be integrated with light sensors so that the lights will be turned off when there is enough natural light in a room. All these convenient and smart features will eventually reduce your home energy consumption and electricity bills.

As we have discussed, smart switches are one of the key aspects that complete the ultimate purpose and aim behind home automation. If you are yet to step into the world of automation, smart switches are your best choice to start with!

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