Access Control System

Simply put, access control is a method of restricting who has access to your building or home. Access control can be programmed down to individual rooms in a smart home setting, and it is used to enhance both safety and security. If you are a large-scale business owner, you will have various departments ad a lot of employees working under you. Each department should have special access within itself and should thus provide a structure to the whole working atmosphere. As the leading provider of access control systems in UAE, we have the right solution to all your concerns.
Access Control
At 180 technologies LLC, we have come up with the most efficient access control solutions in Dubai. This includes fingerprint sensors, hand geometry, retinal scan, RFID card access, Security codes, and face recognition that can be processed to enable access to a particular area. Access control systems go with all environments like offices, apartments, buildings, villas, etc. With an access control system set up in your residence, you can be confident about its security even if you are far away. These systems can also be integrated with security alarms or video surveillance systems so that you can get notified when there is a break-in attempt.

In the case of businesses, smart door access control systems can be used for each and every department so that the employees are restricted to their departments alone. Further, sensitive areas can be restricted to the most important members of the company. This will ensure the safety and a well-oriented functioning of your business. Many multinational companies and other elite businesses have been enjoying the assistance of our smart door access control systems in Dubai.


We at 180 technologies LLC have a set of highly skilled and brilliant security experts who have in-depth knowledge of all the advancements taking place in the area of access control systems. The wide variety of access control measures we offer differentiate us from the other companies providing access control systems in Dubai. We always strive to ensure client satisfaction and urge to develop and maintain a healthy long-term relationship with all our clients.


Monitor access remotely

You can monitor access remotely with 180 Technologies' home automation system

Open and lock the door

When you arrive at your front door, the door will automatically unlock, then lock once you are inside

If you're out of home

You can check it out on a surveillance camera, chat with the person .

Keypads, wireless devices

Different approaches are suitable in various cases, but they are all more secure than a traditional lock and key.

automatic access control

When you arrive at your front door, the door will automatically unlock, then lock once you are inside. It’s all too easy to walk into your home and leave the door unlocked, but with automatic access control, your home would be much safer.

Automatic access control to simplify and secure your space

Internal doors may also be stopped from opening in the same way. If you have pets or small children that you don’t want to be able to visit those places, this is a good option. The doors remain open for approved personnel, but all are barred from entering. Keypads, wireless communication devices (connected through Bluetooth and other technologies), and even fingerprint and facial recognition systems are all options for implementing access control. Different approaches are suitable in various cases, but they are all more secure than a traditional lock and key.

Our clients say

1. 180 technologies have made my apartment look more attractive than ever with its smart lighting control system. It seems like life is so easy when you have the smartest of technology around you. I had my own concerns and doubts before deciding on a lighting control system. But the effect that it created, at such a reasonable price, is getting me to think of going forward with a full home automation by 180 technologies!
Hilary Leigh
3. The high speed wifi connectivity system by 180 technologies have provided us with a fast paced network connectivity and a highly satisfying work environment in our office. Be it for transferring large files or setting up online client meetings, this network connectivity has made our job more easy and effective. On the further go, we plan to provide our employees with the same wifi connections in their homes, so that work from home too gets perfect!
Hall Read
2. Back in the days where my apartment was a normal one, I used to be frustrated after coming home late from work. Switching on lights, AC, playing the stereo and listening to some music- everything that I did to refresh myself looked like a huge burden to me. But after having a full home automation, I have never felt like coming back to an empty place. The smart lights greet me into my home and my mere commands play whatever I like!
Quintin Angus
4. We always wanted an effective video surveillance system in my office. All those service providers who we first approached were either of high prices or of lower standards. But when it came to 180 technologies, we were gifted with the perfect surveillance system at the most reasonable price. And how can I not mention the setup service and support that they gave us in making us familiar with the whole system!
Jillie Tempest
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