KNX Smart Touch V40


  • 4.0 inch color IPS,480×480 resolution,capacitive touch screen
  • Up to 2 home pages and 15 function pages can be configed
  • Switching, dimming, blinds control and value send functions
  • HVAC,Air conditioner, Floor heating and Ventilation System control
  • RGB and RGBW dimming, and color temperature control
  • Backgroud Music control functions
  • Air quality and Energy display
  • Weekly timmer, Event Group functions, Logic functions
  • Password access, Panel block, and Screensaver
  • Proximity sense,screen brightness setting,Touch vibration feedback
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Colorful strip indication
  • Day/Night signal and summer time automatic adjustment
  • Support¬†customized image resource replacement
  • Support long frame for ETS5(quick application download)


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