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Okay, Google: Google Home Automation

by Gotmenow

We’ve had our eye on Google Home since it emerged in late 2016, as the smart home field opened up and the platform for home automation expanded. We’ve been keeping an eye on the latest innovations and partnerships revealed at CES, as well as the growing list of Google Home compatible gadgets.

We also paid particular attention to how Google Home performed in comparison to its key competitors – think Google Home vs. Alexa. We liked the Google Home assistant so much that we launched our smart home services immediately after its release.

Google Home is truly unique, combining three vital functions into a single sleek-looking device. Unlike the competition, which focuses on one strength over another, Google Home can function as a smart home hub, personal assistant, and entertainment system all at the same time.

This means it can regulate your thermostat, order you a pizza, and play your favorite music using simple voice-activated Google Home instructions.

Home Automation

We have a complete introduction to smart homes for the uninitiated that explains home automation concepts, what the platform is capable of, and even some creative suggestions on how you can make your smart home work for you.

Here, however, we focus solely on Google Home, providing a comprehensive overview as well as all you need to know about Google Home setup. If you want a Google Home professionally installed, schedule a smart home setup service with 180 today.

What is Google Home?

Google Home, at its core, is a smart home controller and assistant that use the typical speaker/microphone arrangement. You purchase the speaker, set it in a comfortable location, and then speak your Google Home commands into it. A sensitive microphone can pick up your directions from across the room, eliminating the need to raise your voice, and the loudspeaker can also be heard clearly.

There are no screens involved in any of this. (However, if you prefer a screen, Google Home with a smart display will be available this month – or simply download the Google Home app and connect with a smartphone, tablet, or PC.)

Google Home is compatible with the great majority of home automation gear on the market, ranging from smart TVs to home security systems to smart thermostats – as with any of the best smart home hubs, Google Home is compatible with the vast majority of home automation gear on the market.

The cost of a Google Home is determined by the model purchased. The Google Home Max comes with the largest and most powerful multi-speaker system, but if you’re not an audiophile, you might find yourself arguing the benefits of the Google Home vs. Google Home Mini.

As previously stated, Google Home is not only a smart home assistant but is also designed to provide entertainment. As a result, they made Google Home Chromecast compatible, which means it can be paired with any Chromecast-friendly speakers or devices, and can even be used to control your television.

Because it is Google-powered, the Home is excellent at answering questions and is very intuitive. Google Home can follow a conversational question-answer pattern, so there’s no need to repeat yourself if you’re asking it a series of questions about a single topic or person. After the initial reference, you can refer to “it” or “her” as you would in any normal conversation with a human being. 

Google Home can also detect the voices of up to six individual users and adapt results for each, such as what’s on your personal Google Calendar, traffic updates for your most frequent routes, and let you know what local offerings, such as stores, restaurants, or libraries, are nearby.

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