How To Choose Best Smart Curtains?
smart curtains

How To Choose Best Smart Curtains?

by 180Technologies

You may enjoy more natural light while also improving solar and thermal protection with the best smart curtain. You’ll create a welcoming, beautiful environment for your chosen home design. You’re shielding yourself from nosy eyes as well.

Take a look at the various steps you’ll need to follow in order to get the right curtain match:

Step 1: Select your curtain type based on your tastes and requirements.

When beginning an interior design project, particularly when selecting curtains, keep the following elements in mind: curtain style, fabric type, measurements, and, of course, fitting and finish.

Step 2: consider the benefits of smart curtains.

A clever curtain opener has various advantages throughout the year.

Enhanced privacy: At nightfall, the curtains close themselves and your lights switch on, allowing you to enjoy the time of night with complete peace of mind. In addition, if anyone tries to open the curtain manually, the smart curtains motor senses this and takes over, automatically opening it.

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    Natural light was preserved: Your smart curtain opening will adjust and close in silently regardless of the time of day. This provides the optimal visual comfort for you to engage in your favourite hobbies. Your intelligent electric curtain/voile curtain also protects your furniture and wallpaper from the damaging effects of sunshine.

    Thermal insulation: The temperature inside can be readily controlled. If it gets too hot in the summer, your automatic curtain opening will close to keep your house cool. In the winter, they remain open to allow the sun to shine through and raise the temperature a few degrees.

    Simple to operate:You can manage your smart electric curtains with a single click from a specific app on your smartphone if you use home automation to centralize them. You can also initiate scenarios vocally thanks to its connectivity with voice assistants, allowing you to truly relax in your own home.

    Advantages of Smart Curtains

    Step 3: Select a control mode that best meets your needs.

    You must select a control mode after selecting your smart curtain motor.

    • Tablet or smartphone

    Have you forgotten to close your smart electric curtain before leaving? Don’t be concerned! Your smartphone can be used to control your home remotely. With the information relay, you may check if they’re still open or closed with a single click. Even if you’ve already departed, you can modify their position if necessary.

    • Smart control

    Technology manages all of your devices for you with clever centralisation control. Custom management can be programmed, such as the “Wake-up” scenario, which starts at the time you specify. As soon as you wake up, your bathroom’s central heating kicks on, calm music plays, and your curtains open automatically, allowing you to enjoy natural light!

    smart curtain
    • Wall-mounted switch or remote control

    The easy-to-operate wall-mounted control is ideal for opening and closing your smart home automation drapes. With a single press, you can activate your preferred preset. You can also use a single control to control several curtains.

    • Voice control

    When you leave the house, you can begin the ‘Departure’ scenario vocally thanks to its compatibility with voice assistants. Then your smart electric curtain closes, the alarm goes off, and your gate automatically opens.

    Step 4: Select complementing accessories

    When the sun gets too hot, the curtains automatically close to keep the interior cool. Perfect for maintaining a comfortable temperature while also conserving electricity.

    In your home, a temperature sensor functions as a regulator. It keeps you warm in the winter by automatically closing the curtains when the temperature drops below a particular level.

    Step 5: Install your smart electric curtain.

    Measurement for such an installation necessitates specialized understanding.

    As a result, it is strongly advised that you have a professional measure for your future custom smart electric curtain. This means he can advise you on the best way to hang them, and you can then select the design of the custom-made straight or curved rail.

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