Different Types of Sensors For Your Smart Home

Different Types of Sensors For Your Smart Home

by 180Technologies

The advancement in technology and the introduction of more and more smart devices have made smart home automation techniques very popular in recent years. A wide variety of smart devices are available in the market that can be used for automation in residential and commercial atmospheres. Among these devices, smart home sensors and detectors have become the new definition of security and safety at home.

Smart home sensors incorporated with specific functions can notify you about aspects like movement, temperature, light, access, and also can be incorporated with other smart home systems to improve the efficiency of work. Let us have a look at the common smart home sensors available in the market.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors detect motion or movement in an area. They guard your place when you are away and notify you in case of any movement happening within their range. They can be integrated with security alarms for better security and alertness. Apart from the safety aspect, motion sensors will help you to make sure that children and the old ones do not go to restricted places. Motion sensors can be integrated with lighting systems so that neither you nor your family members will be left in the dark in any of the rooms at night. This will also help you to ensure energy efficiency, with lights turned off automatically in rooms where no movement is sensed.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are designed to function according to the temperature variations inside your home. They detect the temperatures inside and adjust the heat or coolness according to it. They can be integrated with motion sensors so that the right temperature adjustment takes place in rooms where people are occupied. Apart from this, smart thermostats will also automatically shut off even if you forgot to turn them off before going out.

Window and Glassbreak Sensors

Sensors incorporated with windows and its glasses can provide you with added security. The security alarms will go off whenever the glass breaks or the window has been tampered with in any manner. This way, you will quickly be aware of any break-in attempts. Additionally, you will also be notified if any of the windows are left open for a long time. You may contact the leading suppliers of smart home devices in Dubai to know more about window and glass break sensors.

Fire Detection Sensors

Fire and Carbon Monoxide sensors are necessary for both residential and commercial buildings. Compared to traditional sensors that detect just smoke, smart home sensors are very much updated. Smart home fire detection sensors calculate the amount of Carbon monoxide in the air inside the house and warn you if the levels are dangerous. They also ensure the quality of the air inside and provide you with quick and timely updates about it.

Moisture/Leak Detection Sensors

Very often the pipes in the kitchen sink or bathroom may start leaking. If you are not aware of it for a long time, this can lead to the wastage of a huge amount of water. It will also make the floors wet and slippery, making it dangerous for the residents. Moisture detection sensors will detect any kind of leakage or moisture content on the floors so that you can quickly clean it off. With such sensors, you also don’t have to worry about unattended water or juice spills in the house by kids. Smart sensors are a necessity for your house provided that they provide security and safety inside your home. Feel free to connect with a smart home service provider and incorporate the sensors that you think are import

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