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All About Monitored Home Alarms

by 180Technologies

Home automation technology has given rise to great developments in security systems. A fully functional security system will alert you whenever there is a security threat in or around your house. But the nature f the alert and the security proceedings right after it may be different for different security systems.

Alarm monitoring has become a very efficient technique to get notified of security issues and solve them immediately. There are a wide variety of home automation companies in UAE that offer efficient alarm monitoring services. But all these services vary with respect to each company.

What is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring refers to the immediate communication that your alarm security system transmits to a central monitoring station which is processed by people available there 24/7. They will move forward either by contacting you or the respective authorities to notify them about the security breach.

Many of the customers rely on self-monitored alarms which send the alert to their smartphones or devices. In this case, you are the only person aware of the security threat. Further, if you missed the alert in any way, there won’t be anybody else to solve the issue. But in professional alarm monitoring, there are a set of professionals who get notified by the alerts from your alarm system. Even if you are unreachable, they will make sure that appropriate action is taken and the issue is sorted out.

A well-equipped security system consists of a central hub and a variety of sensors. This includes motion sensors, smoke sensors, glass break sensors, window sensors, and much more. If you have a monitored alarm system, the sensor alert signals will be sent to the monitoring station of your security company. The monitors who receive the alert may call you for confirmation, or may even directly take action to counter the security threat. For example, if the smoke sensor is detected, the monitoring station will inform the fire and safety department. In the case of glass-break and motion sensor signals, the monitors will inform the police about a potential breach. 

In most cases, the sensor alerts are sent through the phone line. But some home security systems have backup alarm systems so that the intruder cannot turn off the alarm in any way. Some of them are silent alarms which make sure that the intruder is unaware of the alarm.

Why Professional Alarm Monitoring?

Self-monitored alarm systems are mostly in use because of their very low maintenance cost and provision for direct control. Here, alerts are directly transmitted to you, and sometimes to your friends or family members as well. But the problem here is that everyone has their own duties and sometimes you may not be aware of the alert. This may be due to your busy schedule or being in an area where there is a very low wifi range. Thus, the issue will remain unsettled.

With professional alarm monitoring, you are assisted with a team of fast-paced professionals who immediately takes the relevant actions in case of any security threat. It provides you the feeling that your home is well looked after by a team of security experts. Apart from this, you won’t need to panic about any kind of security issues as the monitoring system will look after everything including the potential safety risks around your home. These monitoring systems also have a powerful relationship with all safety departments, which will speed up the responses.

Even though professional alarm monitoring systems have a service cost, it is worth the calm and peaceful feeling you get when there is a set of people to look after your house. Keeping the security responsibilities off your shoulder, you will be able to improve your peace of mind and care less about your home when you are away.

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