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Communication is what matters today. The modern means of communication is mostly digital. The world has shrunk as far as marketplaces are concerned. Almost everything is available on the e-commerce space. But competition is tough. People are aware and choosier than earlier with all information available at fingertips.

Data networking

Data is your organization’s most powerful asset. Secure, high-speed network connectivity empowers employees to work faster and more efficiently with customers and each other. 180 Technologies has a long track record of successfully completing complex systems integration projects that involve collaborative technologies, network, security, data center, unified communications and a wide range of learning technologies.


Internet controls

180 Technologies will get you straight to the point, explaining how our (IOT) can revitalize the way you live …

  •     Merging the physical and digital worlds together in favor of your wellbeing, safety and security
  •     Sophisticate the way your communicate and respond to situations
  •     When not deemed necessary for you to physically be present, (IOT) will take over the responsibility of capturing and analyzing data
  •     Interconnecting smart objects through the internet and allowing them to share information using machine to machine techniques
  •     Convince me more…

Convince me more

  •     Proper communication leads to correct action
  •     Enhance productivity
  •     Improve accuracy
  •     Speed of response to incidents
  •     Efficiency, hence reducing waste and cost
  •     Real-time response
  •     Remote/Distant access and control

Software trading

Much of the software is complimentary; some of it may cost extra, as part of a premium package; a lot of it, invariably, claims that it contains "the best stock charts" or "the best free trading platform." Fact: There is no single best stock chart, or best stock screener software. There are too many markets, trading strategies and personal preferences for that. But we can examine some of the most widely-used trading software out there and compare their features. Whether their utility justifies their price points is your call. 

180 Technologies

Home Automation

We deliver customized access control systems.We understand that the needs and the scale can be different so we can ensure the system we put in your pl...

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180 Technologies

Security Systems

Ensures the security of your wealth and health.24*7 cameras,alarms are allotted and implemented within short period of time at an affordable price.

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180 Technologies

Access Control Systems

Remote administration,digital zooming,and the ability to send images and video with an internet connection are the few of the many advantages of choos...

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